Saturday, May 14, 2005

small-town police experience

I had a run-in with the police yesterday.

I was riding the antique peugeot push-bike down the main street in the little town where my folks live to collect the papers. I had been chatting happily to the man in the shop, and came outisde, and as I did I saw a dark shark-like suit from the corner of my eye - it was noneother than Senior Constable Langheim and his book.

He opened with a classic, "Just before you get on your way, there," he might have added 'lassy' for effect, "are you aware that all the school children manage to ride to school with their helmets on? And did you know you can only ride on the footpath if you're under twelve? And you're not under twelve, are you? It doesn't set a very good example when the grown-ups can't follow the laws and its a $50 fine for each infringement..."

By that stage I was so embarrassed I was giggling, blushing and saying, "No officer, sorry officer". He said if I promised to walk the bike home he would not fine me. "Yes officer, sorry officer, thankyou officer," I said. As it happened, my back tyre had a slow leak, so I would have had to have walked anyhow. I kept giggling all the way, and when I was almost back to my destination which was about ten minutes walk away, he drove past to check-up on me!

That's small-town police for you.


Blogger frustratedwriter said...

I hope you are a properly chastened lass now. Is there anything better than a micromanaging small town cop? Me

8:23 am  
Blogger Urban Chick said...

wow - how cool not to live somewhere where the cops are not waaaay too busy catching robbers and murderers to bother with people on push bikes

me, i can't get to sleep unless there is the drone of a police helicopter whirring overhead

6:32 am  

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